Boski Fabric for Men

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Boski Fabric for Men

Boski is a luxurious and graceful micro fiber fabric which is considered to be the best quality fabric and the finest of silks that has been a staple piece in the male wardrobes for generations in not just Pakistan, but the entire subcontinent. This fabric is guaranteed to be smooth and soft to the touch as well as extremely durable due it’s supreme strength.

Whether you are going to a wedding, a semiformal occasion our just a casual dinner – Boski will make you look elegant in every situation and is celebrated by every age group.

History of Boski Fabric

Boski is one of the few fabrics that has a long and rich history due to which it is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. It is said to have originated from China and discovered by a royal empress when a silk cocoon fell in her tea one afternoon. Later, she started to study the thread produced by the silk worms in mulberry trees and invented the fabric.

Soon, Boski became a symbol of luxury, class and status which still persists in today’s time.

Is Boski The Same as Silk?

Boski is real spun silk which is made by slitting open the cocoon and removing the filaments to form it into a flux which is then cleaned and processed to produce silk threads and then are tightly woven together to make the fabric.

Is Boski a Summer or Winter Fabric?

Boski is one of the very few fabrics that are great for all seasons – summers as well as winters. However, to further simplify things, we at Bareeze Man offer two varieties in our Boski collection; 6 pounds Boski and 8 pounds Boski.

6 pounds Boski is lightweight and is an ideal choice for summers. Whereas, 8 pounds Boski is comparatively heavyweight which makes it perfect for the winter season.

Moreover, Bareeze Man offers stitched (contemporary length and short length) as well as unstitched options in the Boski collection which can easily be delivered to your door step in a short time without any hassle.

How to Care for Boski?

Boski is a very delicate and fine fabric that needs gentle care and attention. It is important to avoid washing Boski in a washing machine as it may damage the threads and consequently ruin the fabric. You should rather wash Boski by hand using a mild detergent and then line dry it in a shaded place without squeezing or twisting the fabric after washing. Avoid direct sunlight at all cost as it may harm the fabric by damaging the threads and fade away the beautiful color.

Furthermore, avoid spraying perfumes directly on Boski as it is likely to leave a permanent stain. In case you still encounter a stubborn stain on Boski, then hand it over to a dry cleaner.

What Colors Are Available in Boski?

Naturally, Boski has a beautiful Off-White color. However, Bareeze Man offers Boski in two colors; Off-white and Black.

Purchase Boski Now!

Bareeze Man being one of the most celebrated brands in Pakistan offers the best quality Boski fabric (6 pounds and 8 pounds) in both stitched and unstitched variations. Visit your nearest store or purchase online without any trouble.