Perfect Sherwani For Your Big Day

by Data Manager

Perfect Sherwani For Your Big Day

Pakistani weddings are significantly eventful and big as the entire family and friends are excited for the big day. While the spotlight is always on the bride and groom, it is mandatory for them to look their very best by paying attention to every minute detail.

Since another wedding season is just about to arrive, it is important to plan ahead of time to avoid last minute chaotic situations. Hence, the most critical decision is to decide what to wear and get your perfect wedding outfit. While there are multiple options for the brides, what’s more royal than an elegant Sherwani for the groom to effortlessly complement his beautiful bride and leave a lasting impression on everyone?

However, Men’s Sherwanis can come in a variety of colors and styles which can leave the groom a little confused. Therefore, Bareeze Man is here to help you make the right decision and cover all your outfit needs.

What Is a Sherwani

Traditional Sherwani is an admired ethnic ceremonial attire for men in form of a buttoned-up knee length coat worn over a plain kurta and paired with a pajama or shalwar. Sherwanis originated from the Mughal Era where they were worn by the royalty. However, with time, the styles have transformed to match today’s fashion and is now available in a wide array of fabrics, embellishments and colors to choose from.

Plan Before Time

It is best to prioritize and plan ahead of the wedding day rather than waiting for the eleventh hour so that you are left with sufficient time at the end to try out the outfit and make any necessary alterations and changes to your Sherwani.

Select your Sherwani’s fabric, color, design and embroidery in advance as this process usually takes some time. Also, don’t forget to coordinate your Sherwani with your bride’s outfit in order to complement each other on the wedding day rather than end up looking odd next to each other.

Choose the Right Color

The color of your Sherwani is of utmost importance and it can easily make or break the entire look. The color should not only complement the bride’s outfit, but should also look good on you. Recently, grooms have been experimenting with color combinations and ditching monochrome looks. However, choose the color that suits your skin tone, body type and the one which makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Some popular color options these days for Sherwanis are Ivory, beige, black, maroon and navy

Style of the Sherwani

Style is a subjective thing, which is why it is something that you have to decide on your own based on your preferences. Try out different styles and choose the one that looks the best on you and enhances your personality.

There are numerous fabric options available such as Silk, Jamawar, Velvet, Cotton, etc. Moreover, you would also be choosing whether you want a simple and subtle design or a fancy one. Lastly, pick the embroidery pattern for your Sherwani such as motives, florals or geometric.

Fitting is the Key

A good-looking outfit is great, but the entire look will fall apart and cause you embarrassment if it doesn’t fit well and makes you uncomfortable. Opt for a custom made Sherwani that is tailored on your measurements and is not too tight and not too lose either. Also, go for a length that suits your height and use shoulder padding for a better fall.

Remember to try out the outfit at least one month before the event so that you have ample time left to make alterations. Make sure your Sherwani fits perfectly and makes you look confident.


Accessorizing is also important as it enhances the entire look. You can go for accessories such as Cuff Links, Cuff Tops and Pocket Squares. Furthermore, choose the right turban and shoes such as a Khussa that pairs well with your Sherwani.


Make your decision wisely and feel comfortable in your sherwani and carry it confidently with the right number of accessories and a sleek hairstyle.

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