Egyptian Cotton – Best Fabric For Summers

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Egyptian Cotton – Best Fabric For Summers

History of Egyptian Cotton

Haven’t we all heard praises about Egyptian Cotton when it comes to luxury and quality fabrics? Egyptian Cotton has a long and rich history as it first came from a cotton plant; Gossypium barbadense that blossomed along the Nile River in Egypt due the suitable soil and weather conditions. This plant was noticed by a French Man in Cairo which led to the production of long staple cotton fibers which consequently created soft, smooth and durable fabric.

Later, Europeans became passionate about Egyptian Cotton which led to an overall boom in the demand of Egyptian Cotton – Leading to massive exports of Egyptian Cotton from Egypt via the Suez Canal. Moreover, the irrigation system of Egypt ensured that the supply was continuous.

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is a type of fabric that is produced from extra-long staple and fine cotton fibers that are spun in to threads which are then woven in to threads and then in to fabric. These yarns are far superior based on comfort, smoothness and softness. The texture of Egyptian Cotton is particularly pleasant against the skin – making it great for people with sensitive skin types. All these factors make Egyptian Cotton Fabric the best in the World.

Egyptian Cotton also absorbs liquid really well which is why it is easy to dye the fabric – resulting in bright and deep colors.

Is Egyptian Cotton Good for Summers?

Egyptian is naturally cooling and temperature regulating that protects your body from becoming too hot in summers or too cold in winters. Moreover, Egyptian Cotton Fabric is moisture wicking, breathable and absorbent as compared to the regular cotton – making it a perfect choice for summers.

Is Egyptian Cotton Durable?

Egyptian Cotton fabric is generally stronger and more durable than ordinary cotton fabric which makes it last long – season after season, making it a great investment. This toughness is basically due to the extra-long fibers.

Is Egyptian Cotton Expensive?

Egyptian Cotton can be comparatively expensive as compared to regular cotton as it is completely hand-picked. However, this fabric is softer, smoother, finer and far more durable which means that it is a one-time investment due its long-lasting properties. Whereas on the other hand, regular cotton fabric will have to be replaced every now and then.

How to Care for Egyptian Cotton Fabric?

Caring for Egyptian Cotton is fairly simple and only a few steps are required. Wash your fabric at a moderate temperature (not too hot) in a gentle wash cycle. After washing, line dry the fabric and iron on low heat. Make sure not to use any kind of bleach or fabric softener as they will damage your fabric.

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